Enrollment is now open for the 2018-2019 School year!  We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays (families choose one or both days) near the Georgetown square.  Our class is drop-off, from 9:15-1:45, with after school options available through 2:30 in the middle and older groups.  You will find descriptions of each of our age groups below, as well as information on how to register.  We hope you will give us a visit if you're interested in joining us!  We'd love to include you!

You'll find the answers to some "FAQ" below as well as descriptions of the class and course of study for each age group.

Our mission at Treehouse is to offer developmentally appropriate, meaningful group learning experiences within a healthy community. We emphasize emotional intelligence and healthy relationships at every step of the way.  The result is classrooms that are a delight to work with! 

Each class is very engaging and hands-on, with lots of opportunity for cooperation and working as a group.

Our youngest kids are allowed a lot of time for imaginative play and natural learning.  We step up academic rigor each year so that the kids always have an appropriate level of challenge.

Our "intermediate" level kids (grades 5-7) not only have a lot of fun learning history and science together - they are also growing and being challenged so that they will be successful writers and critical thinkers.  We're so excited about their curriculum for the coming year and the strong foundation it will give them academically.

Viking Culture and Norse Mythology Unit
All of our classes explore quite a bit in history, the sciences, literature, and the arts.  Subjects like math and reading are left to parents, as our group contains students of all abilities in those areas.  Lessons in class are equally engaging and appropriate for the gifted student as well as the student who may struggle with learning differences like dyslexia or dysgraphia - we believe all kids have valuable contributions to make to the group and to the world, and love the opportunity to help them experience that!

There is some flexibility on age groups, as all kids are in different places developmentally, but these are class descriptions and general ages for each group for 2018-2019 classes:


Ages 3-5 - Pre-K/K - This group of kids works with Ms. Dee.  At this age, we believe strongly in the power of play, experiences in nature, beautiful stories, rhymes, puppet plays and sensory learning.  Core learning is reinforced through these things, but our focus is not on academics at this point.  These kids are learning how to be in a group, how to express themselves in a positive way, & how to cooperate with others.
Ms. Dee is such a kind and gentle guide for this age group.  They have circle time, stories, puppet plays, and crafts led by their teacher, but they also have plenty of time to play and work with interesting materials on the shelves in their room - this gives ample opportunity to practice social graces as well as play and pretend.  This group also participates in a 30 minute music class with Ms. Traci that includes a lot of play-based music learning - hand clapping games, role-play songs, folk songs, and singing games.


Ages 6-7 (in Sep 2018) - Early Elementary - Ms. Christina's Class

This group works through interesting unit studies throughout the year with Ms. Christina.  Each day they have something new to explore and a hands-on activity to take their learning deeper.  

Some examples of units from this year include Simple Machines (in which they constructed oversized levers, fulcrums, pullies, ramps, etc. and experimented with them), the Science of Color (working with prisms and color mixing), Anatomy (in which they constructed models of lungs with balloons, and veins with play dough representing blood cells).  In spring, they learned the beautiful story of Miss Rumphius and dissected and labeled flowers. 
Simple Machines Unit

Ms. Christina has a gift for setting up materials and lesson so that kids have the excitement of making their own discoveries.  They take such ownership and pride in their work together!

This age group also has ample time to explore, pretend, work with materials (like sewing or clay), and play outdoors.  They love playing cooperative games and enjoy the playground as well.  This group also participates in a 30 minute music class with Ms. Traci that includes a lot of play-based music learning - hand clapping games, role-play songs, folk songs, and singing games.  Next year, they will also participate in a weekly art lesson with Ms. Hopie.

Music with Ms. Traci

Music - Popcorn Game with Ms. Traci


Ages 7-9 (in Seo 2018) - Elementary 
This group works with Ms. Sevara.  Their day follows a similar structure as the 6-7 year old group, but with more challenge and more complex projects.  Ms. Sevara's presentations are so fascinating for them!  I always hear of students going home to research more about their work in class or to replicate science experiments they did together.  Ms. Sevara has cultivated such an atmosphere of kindness in her classroom so that everyone is included, and everyone feels safe to express their curiosity and their ideas.  At an age when some kids are starting to become self-conscious, it is beautiful to see the kids all feeling so comfortable and open to learning.  Some examples of units they have studied this year include Oceanography, Animal Classification, Interesting/Unique Histories (like "The History of Salt"), and inspiring Biographies (such as Louis Braille) - each lesson starts with an interesting slideshow presentation and leads into some type of hands-on, movement-based group activity.  These kids are often working through simulations or games that deepen their understanding of a topic, or creating models or solving problems with materials in hands-on project.  This year, they will begin to have occasional research topics and opportunities to present their learning in class.
Solar Oven
This group has a weekly art lesson with Ms. Hopie that includes a slide show introducing them to the work of a famous artist, or art from a specific culture, and leads into an art project in which they can practice working with a new medium or a new technique inspired by the artist or culture they have studied.  They also have a weekly music lesson with Ms. Traci in which they learn to read music and play simple instruments and recorders/tin flutes.

7-8 year olds studying Picasso with Ms. Hopie

Tin Flute lesson with Ms. Traci

Ages 10-12 (in Sept 2018) - Intermediate/Middle School  

Testing Electromagnets - Electricity Unit
This group works with Ms. Traci, Ms. Hopie, and (new next year!) will work with a third teacher on their team, Ms. Maryanne.  As this group is moving into their intermediate and middle school years, we step up academic rigor, while keeping the aspects of our days that create strong community and make it so much fun to learn together.  This group has two "classes" per day with a break in the middle for fun group challenges and running games.

Plans for the coming year in this age group include:

- A History "spine" which will unify our studies around 6 week units spent in different periods in history.  We will use an Academic Club model, which is a multi-sensory, arts-integrated "immersion" style of teaching with a lot of hands-on activities and role play.  History comes alive as students assume the roles of prominent figures in history and engage in debate or decision making.  Creative projects and art lessons in context bring even more richness to the experience.  This model allows for a lot of depth that typical history lessons may miss, and it's a lot of fun!

Rainforest research topics - reports
-Science will be integrated with our History units, through study of scientific discoveries in context, and hands-on experimentation with the principles involved.  We will practice the scientific method and become well-versed in the terminology and process involved with that.

-Writing will be taught through a wonderful program adapted from the Suzuki model of music education, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

-Critical Thinking will be strengthened through a Socratic Literature Circle, based on high quality literature which students will read or listen to (on audiobook) as preparation for class.
Readers' Theatre

-Strong community will still be a focus, strengthened through team-building and fun group challenges.  We take some time to play together each day.

-After school options will be available for those who need a longer day, through 2:30.

- If would like more information on any of the curriculum mentioned above, we have a more detailed description available which we'd love to share with you.

Creating Rainforest Dioramas

Outdoor games

Art with Ms. Hopie
Creating series and parallel circuits - electricity unit

Tuition Information:
There is a $75 supply fee for durable supplies (one time per year)

One class a week (Tuesday or Thursday) - $164 per month

Two classes a week (Tuesday and Thursday) - $304 per month

We offer a 20% sibling discount on the second child’s tuition.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in enrolling, please contact Traci:



We look forward to meeting you!